Another busy day assisting the City of Statesville
By Assistant Chief Robert Lovell
February 24, 2017

Cool Springs was put on stand-by along with other surrounding departments as the City of Statesville was busy with a structure fire in the south end of the city. While on stand by, Cool Springs was dispatched for a medical call on Davie Ave. E-2 responded with a 5 man engine company. Upon E-2 going back in service, Ebenezer Fire was dispatched to assist the city with a vehicle fire in parking lot of Wells Fargo on Turnersburg Hwy. Cool Springs E-2 was less than 2 miles from scene and also responded. Cool Springs E-2 was first on scene. E-2 crew found a passenger vehicle with a fire in the engine compartment. E-2 crew deployed the front jump line and had the fire under control in approximately 10 minutes. Statesville E-4 and Ebenezer Fire assisted fire control.

Units: Cool Springs E-2, Statesville E-4, Ebenezer Tanker 1