Cool Springs assists the City of Statesville on Grass Fire/Structure Fire
By Assistant Chief Robert Lovell
February 21, 2017

Cool Springs dispatched to assist the City of Statesville with a Brush Truck and Tanker on a grass fire. Cool Springs Brush 1 responded. Statesville E-3 and E-4 arrived in the area and advised that this would be a structure fire with woods involved. The structure was barn used by the City of Statesville to store landscaping materials. B-1 crew along with Statesville crews began fire attack to control the fire from spreading into the woods. The structure was a total loss and took extensive overhaul to ensure the fire was out. B-1 was cleared by Statesville command and B-1 went back in service after 2 hours on scene.

Units: Cool Springs B-1, Statesville E-3, E-4, BC-1